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5 months ago

Top Benefits of Hiring Indian Mobile Application Development Company

Top Benefits of Hiring Indian Mobile Application Development Company

Smartphone makes life easier in day to day activities. As a result, the number of mobile application development companies has been increased. Meanwhile, businesses now need to contact  top mobile app development  companies to increase their growth. Every app developers may have a great intensity to work, but, you as a business owner should get your app developed from the knowledgeable and skillful app developers for desired app success. 

Generally, top mobile application development companies hire skilled app development professionals to fulfill their needs and to achieve customer satisfaction in the app world. We talk about the compatibility problems of the app development companies in using different technologies and tools. Only a proven mobile app development companies take risks and come out with good results. According to the requirements of clients, they deliver a quality product with the help of good designers and developers.

Important factors to consider when choosing Top Mobile app Development Companies:

Some of the important factors that you should consider when hiring top mobile apps development companies. Let’s have a look at it:

* Having a good technical understanding and good communication skills.

* Company with great designers and developers.

* Good client servicing company.

* The company that can understand the budget of the customers.

* Gives fast response to clients on app development.

Though mobile app development company in any country can develop mobile apps, nowadays businesses across the world are outsourcing mobile app development project to Indian companies. Why? What is the advantage from outsourcing mobile app development project to Indian companies? Or is it good or bad? You will get a clear picture of that below:

Reduce Cost:

If you hire top mobile app development company in India, the cost can be comparatively low and their work is also smart and good. The employees will work for less salary though they spend more time on the project. 

Enhanced Benefits:

According to client requirements or project demand, Indian companies hire full time mobile app developers to provide tailored solutions for their clients. When you are working with them, their app development services could well support you to significant business results even quickly and effectively.

No Lack of Expertise:

In India, you can find a knowledgeable and skillful mobile app developers and companies like USA and Europe. To achieve global standards, Indian companies hire experienced designers and developers. So, businesses across the world are preferring Indian companies to give the project as they can get quality apps at low price.

24X7 Support:

As Indian companies work 24X7, it is a huge benefit that their clients in other countries like USA, UK, Middle East etc can get. Generally, the companies are providing prompt response to clients with employees in different shifts. Since, they are ready to work 24X7 environment with different communication systems, you can hire Indian mobile app development companies.

Who We Are?

We are FuGenX Technologies, a Deloitte award winning Mobile app development company in Dallas, Texas. We develop superior quality mobile apps on all major platforms like Android, Blackberry and Windows. We also provide service on iOS app development in Austin, Texas. Our reliable service on Android app development in Austin is also highly acclaimed by businesses in Texas. Please reach us at or

5 months ago

How to use YouTube to acquire more Users to Your App?

How to use YouTube to acquire more Users to Your App?

YouTube gets over a 1 billion unique visitors per month. As you know, YouTube is a powerful media channel for video consumption. Today YouTube is not just for entertainment, it is for more than that. One can use it for self-education as well. YouTube is a great marketing tool for businesses for marketing products and services in the global market, which can help them to drive huge traffic. By 2018, two-third of marketers will depend on the video content for product promotion. So today app marketers and Mobile app development companies in Dallas, New York, Bangalore and across the world are putting more and more effort to market app on YouTube.

Here are some reasons why you should use YouTube for your app marketing:

YouTube is the Search Engine:

You mayn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. By promoting a video on YouTube, you can make it easier for the audience gathering information about your app. With promotion on YouTube, you can achieve the maximum outcome with minimum effort. Though YouTube is primarily famous for music, games and comedy videos, recently it has seen an increased interest in travel, food, learning and beauty videos.

YouTube Content is having a huge Mobile audience      

According to a report, in 2014, YouTube got 40% of its visitors from mobile devices, and that percentage has been growing since then. If we tell today, 80% of the users are accessing the YouTube through their smart phones. Another report says, in United States, YouTube is the third most used apps after Facebook and Google Play. Video search engine YouTube helps app marketers market apps in an easy manner.

YouTube is the Largest Social Network:

YouTube Community is a largely connected community, which allows ratings, comments, likes and shares. For a week, over 100 million people involve themselves in liking, sharing and commenting in YouTube. 

YouTube is the third largest social networking platform after Facebook and Twitter. Popularity and interest is growing up for YouTube and it is getting over 1 billion unique visitors for a month. YouTube is also considered as the largest user-driven video content producer. Apart from that, viewers are not only generating the content they are also sharing it. Videos are shared with other social networks on Twitter and Facebook, and over 500 YouTube videos are shared every minute and watched daily. This tells how YouTube's social network drives traffic to your app not only with its channel but also through other social media networks.


YouTube is the most used video search engine and YouTube videos appear at the top of the search engine results in Google. So YouTube helps you reach new mobile app users and keep good relationship with the existing mobile app users as well.

Want to develop a mobile app that can be easy to market on YouTube?

If yes, FuGenX can support your app development and marketing efforts with its global app developers and marketers. FuGenX is an award-winning iPhone app development company in Austin. To know how FuGenX can help you integrate the YouTube videos into your app marketing plan, reach FuGenX at

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6 months ago

Important App Store (iOS) Ranking Factors

Important App Store (iOS) Ranking Factors

There are around 1.5 million apps in the Apple App Store, so making your app recognizable in the App Store is not easier. App Store ranking is nearly same as how your website is optimized for search engines (SEO), so your app page need to be optimized regularly to drive traffic to your app. If you take service of Mobile app development in Dallas, app ranking might be easier. First let’s see what is app store optimization and how to do it effectively?

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher for the app store search results and make it visible for the potential customers. That tends to increase the visibility among users to drive traffic to your app page in the app store. ASO process requires understanding your targeted customers, including the keywords to reach the potential customers.

Let’s see 6 essential components of app store optimization:

App Title:

Keyword placed in the title gives more importance to your app ranking in the app store. Title is the first thing App Store’s search engine consider to know about your app. Therefore, you should always follow the relevant app name and keywords to include in the app’s title.

App Keywords:

To increase your search rankings in App Store, you need to know which keywords to target and most often what the users are searching. Observe the competitor apps, while observing, find out for which keywords their app is ranking. Accordingly, optimize keywords regularly.  

Total number of downloads:

This is the most important factor creating a significant impact on your app store rankings.  An app which achieves more downloads regularly are pushed to top position. So number of downloads on regular basis plays a vital role in Apple app store ranking.

Ratings and Review:

To get a large number of downloads, ratings and reviews play a very important role. Therefore, make sure your app will be successful from your existing users, so encourage users to provide favorable reviews and get more downloads with high ratings. Ratings and Reviews don’t affect ranking, but positive reviews and ratings definitely encourage new users to download the app.

Download Rate:

Download rate is based on total number of downloads, if two apps have similar downloads, Apple considers the download rate as one of the decisive factors. It checks how many times the app is downloaded and whether it is downloaded regularly or not, whichever apps have upper hand in this, Apple ranks them well.


CTR (Click Through Rate) is another important app ranking factor. If many users click on your app when it is arrived top in the search results to download it, the App Store ranking will be better.


If you have optimized the above factors for your app, your app position will be increased and downloads as well. So keep track of your rankings, performance of your keywords, user reviews, ratings etc. Frequently check the competitors’ apps to improve your rankings.

Want to Develop a well ranking iPhone App?

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX is a world-class iPhone app development companies in Dallas. FuGenX provides services globally on Android, and iOS platforms. Our app development focuses on building result oriented mobile apps and enable you to acquire new customers. FuGenX has developed top 10 downloaded apps in the App Store.

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6 months ago

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hybrid Mobile App Development

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hybrid Mobile App Development

The Mobile apps development in Dallas can help you to take one step forward in building your business with mobile app development. Developing a mobile app can draw a plethora of opportunities for your business, but there are different mobile apps to achieve your mobile success. There are mainly two types of mobile apps, native app and web app. Native app which we can download from the app stores, whereas the web app can be used directly through the web browser. Hybrid App is a mixture of native and web app. Let’s see in detail:

Native App Development:

In native app development, the mobile apps are developed for specific platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone apps development in Austin. The app lives on the mobile device are generally written using their particular development language son the respective platform. The source code can't be used from one platform to another.

The native apps use the smart phone features, such as camera, address book and accelerometer. This can give a rich user experience and such apps can be downloaded from the play stores.

Hybrid App Development:

Hybrid apps are similar to the web applications, they give a great access to different platform capabilities. The mobile app developers have to program a large part of the app by using both native app and web app technologies. Access to native APIs is also available for the developers. Hybrid apps are a combination of native app and web app.

Pros of Hybrid App Development:

* The Hybrid app is somewhat easy to develop and it is low cost compared to native and web apps developed separately.

* It is affordable to small and mid-sized businesses especially.

* The hybrid app allows you to create a cross-platform codebase and it is easy to maintain.

* Hybrid applications are typically a better option, as they can be used on browsers of different platform enabled devices. This means that you are able to use the app on different devices like iPhone, Android, Windows.

Cons of Hybrid App Development:

* Hybrid app is not speed as native app as it depends on the browser speed.

* Hybrid app’s performance can be sluggish when it is accessed through web browser.

* Native mobile apps will provide a rich user experience, but hybrid apps can’t provide.


The Mobile app development is emerging. Every year there are millions of apps launched to market with special features. Hybrid app is good if you’re lacking sufficient fund. And even if your app wouldn’t be more customer-centric, then hybrid app is good.

Want to Develop a Hybrid App? 

If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX is known for world-class services for mobile apps and web apps. FuGenX develops supreme hybrid apps that people love to use and share with others. The services FuGenX provides include iPad apps development in Austin and Android apps development in Austin

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7 months ago

Push Notification Vs Email

Push Notification Vs Email

Push notification has become a prominent and powerful channel to communicate with users. Push notifications deliver right information at the right time, which gives users a very good experience. Emails are rarely noticed, SMS is limited, in fact push notifications is seizing more attention of users and create a platform for user actions. It is a preferred form of digital communication today.

Push Notification [Mobile Apps]:

Push notification is a similar way of communication of sending a text message to the users. When a sufficient event or activity occurs within the app that requires the user to perform an action in quick session, the push notifications should be used. But it should be in limit. Push notification should be used in following cases when the targeted users got correlated message from other users, reminders for certain tasks, new in-app content and if any special offers.

When push notification shouldn’t be used?

To promote third party products, push notification should not be used, as it seems disruption or irrelevant. If you do it continuously, they may uninstall our app. As an experienced Mobile apps development companies in Dallas, we never do that.

Special Considerations:

Remember, the user will see the notification at the top of their phones or in the middle, so keep it simple. Push notification should not interrupt the user activity with irrelevant info.

Email Notification:

When communicating with the official information, the email should be used. Emails are commonly used when signing up for new accounts, confirmations, reference codes, orders and receipts. An error occurred related to account changes is communicated through email.

When email notification shouldn’t be used?

Emails shouldn't be used for urgent situations. It would not be appropriate to notify the users about any product delivery as they may not see the notification at that time.

Special Considerations:

When sending an email, make sure the subject is properly labeled, so users will not think it as spam. If you need to send it for more persons, always include the CC.

Differences Between Push Notification & Email:

Finally, timing plays an important role in successful push notification and email campaigns. If you want to make a confirmation about the actions, email will be effective. But to reach customers in a quick time, push notifications can be a better choice, which can deliver valuable information in a short time.

Have a Plan To Develop an App with Push Notification System?

If yes, we are here to help you. We are FuGenX Technologies, the most trusted iPad and iPhone apps development in Dallas. We are also an emerging Android apps development in Dallas. Let us shape your app idea and make it a unique in the market. 

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7 months ago

iPhone SE Features and Sales

iPhone SE Features and Sales

Nowadays, smart phone users’ number has significantly increased and their life has become easier by mobile phones. iPhone SE is one of the latest additions to such mobile phones’ list.The iPhone SE looks nearly same like iPhone 5S. It is like mini iPhone 5S. It goes closely all the same upgraded specifications of 2015’s top end iPhones iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. As an experienced iPhone application development in Dallas, we never do that.

How iPhone SE is doing?

Recently released iPhone SE has the highest number of sales in the US, higher than in the rest of the world. Most of the buyers buy iPhone SE in the states such as California, New York and Texas.

About iPhone SE features

The iPhone SE is exactly one of the most solid iPhones in the market. The phone itself has the same feature of last device hardware. It has come up with pre-installed version of iOS 9.3, which is the most stable version of Apple. The battery life is too good and you can buy a battery case for around $30. The iPhone SE will work with old iPhone 5/5S accessories. The design of the SE is good, but not great. It is the best option to move to iPhone SE from SE.

iPhone SE Promotion by Country

iPhone SE was promoted less compared to other iPhone models, but it was same in USA. When comes to the sales, UK, Canada, France and Hong Kong have become the next big markets for iPhone SE after USA.

Want to Develop a Successful iPhone App?

FuGenX is a world-class Mobile application development company in Dallas. It is an emerging iPhone and iPad application development in Dallas, developing apps for all sorts of businesses from startups to global enterprises. Its app development focuses on business-oriented mobile apps to help its clients with dedicated effort and complete support. FuGenX develops apps that people love to use and share with others. FuGenX is also an emerging Android app development company in Dallas.

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8 months ago

iPhone SE – What You Know About It!

iPhone SE – What You Know About It!

iPhone is a reliable smart phone designed and marketed by Apple and run with iOS operating system. The first generation of the iPhone was released in 2007. The last models of the iPhone are iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, were launched in September 2015. The latest release in the iPhone series is iPhone SE which was released in March 2016. As a major iPhone app development in Austin, Texas here we would like to help you in knowing the features and specifications of iPhone SE.

How iPhone SE is different from iPhone 5S?

The iPhone SE’s look and feel is nearly similar to the iPhone 5S. It is available in multi-colors such as space grey, silver, gold and rose gold. iPhone SE has same screen size of iPhone 5S and slightly differs in matte-chamfered edges, which is not shiny as iPhone 5S.

Top 5 best things about iPhone SE:


Most of the people are still using iPhone5 and iPhone 5S, as they don't prefer bigger phones. The iPhone SE well suits them as it fits comfortably for small or average size hand. It is elegant in design and its display is very smarter.

Battery Compatibility:

It was said the iPhone SE will be an upgraded version of iPhone 5S. But iPhone SE has also brought in same internal components of iPhone 6S. The phone has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is powerful.

Camera Quality:

The camera quality of the iPhone SE is very good, but not great, but great in this price range. The screen resolution of the display is 640 * 1136 pixels and it comes with retina display. The rear facing camera is 12 Megapixel with 29mm phase detection autofocus, dual-LED, and flash quality is also good. The secondary camera is 1.2 megapixel with 31mm face detection, HDR, and FaceTime over Wi-Fi or cellular.

OS Version:

The iPhone SE comes with iOS 9.3 operating system with the Apple A9 chipset. It is the world's most advanced operating system with major improvements to built-in apps, and a smarter Siri.


$399? This is extremely a low price for such a solid new phone. In some markets, the base price may be higher, but it is affordable in most parts of the world. It is why because this time Apple’s intention was offering a good phone at affordable price.

Few bad things about iPhone SE: 

* The company built a remarkable change with the overall experience with iPhone SE but, it kept the old Touch ID sensor from iPhone 5S.

* The iPhone 5 was a good phone in 2012, and the iPhone 5s has been doing well for the past few years. But, Apple has not even attracted even new buyers to buy SE features the new design.

Want to Develop iPhone App to increase Business Performance:

If yes, we are here to help you in successful app development. FuGenX is a world-wide Mobile app development companies in Dallas, Texas USA. We are premiere iPhone and Android app development  in Austin and developing iPad and iPhone apps on iOS platforms for all sorts of businesses from startups to global enterprises.

8 months ago

Best Tools for iOS App Development

Best Tools for iOS App Development

iOS is the operating system that runs iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. iOS apps are the integral part of iOS operating system that make the devices more usable. Below are some of the important tools that you can consider to develop, design and test iOS apps. Let’s have a look:

iOS App Designing Tools:


Invision is a free web and mobile prototyping tool for iOS platform.This tool helps with the comments, notifications, and status update when the project is going on.If any issues are found while designing the app, it can be cleared through online with real time experience. This tool has made iPhone app development easier for many iPad app development in Austin, Texas and across the world. is especially designed to display the iOS to the clients. The projects can be organized with folders, labels and commenting with notes. New team members can also be invited to work on the project to make review. A link is provided on the screen or mockup, which makes easier to share information with users. Using, it has been facile for Mobile app development companies in Dallas and across the world for designing attractive apps within a short period of time.


The tool is to build iOS prototypes by linking screens. In iOS devices,when we work on any images, it allows to test prototypes with custom icons.The interface of the tool attractive and natural. It can also be shared through links.


Layervault is a tool for storing, version controlling, sharing, gathering feedback, delivering and showcasing creative work. Layervault iOS app previews the designs and displays in the browser. Layervault has visual timeline and basic tools from design software, including eyedropper, smart ruler, and wormhole.

iOS App Testing Tools:


For unit testing, you can use the framework called XCTest. XCTest is Apple product and has good integration with IDE for writing your tests, running your tests and test driven development(TDD).


OCmock tool is a typical mock object framework, and it is used for stubbing out and making mock objects. You can also use it for code that depends on UI.


KIF tool is an alternative tool for UI Automation and is also called UI Automation++. KIF tests are executed in the same manner as unit tests are executed.

iOS App Development Tools:


Xcode is an integrated development environment to develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and other Apple products. The software development tools are developed by Apple for developing software for OS X and iOS. It also supports for C, C++, and Objective-C etc.


Swift is a programming language for iOS, OS X, TV OS, and Watch OS. It allows you to write code very impressively. Swift code works on Objective-C.

Want to Develop iOS App to enhance business performance?

FuGenX is a world-class iOS app development companies in Dallas. We at FuGenX provide services globally on Android, iPhone and iPad platforms. Our app development focuses on building result oriented mobile apps and enable you to acquire new customers.

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9 months ago

Information on All iPhone Models

Information on All iPhone Models

iPhone is a premiere smartphone designed and marketed by Apple and run with iOS operating system. The first generation of the iPhone was released in 2007. The most recent models of the iPhone are iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, were launched in September 2015. The next model of the iPhone series is expected to be released in this year (2016) with name iPhone 7. As a premiere iPhone application development in Austin, Texas. We are developing the iPhone apps to enhance client business performance. Before going to iPhone 7, let us see other models in the series step by step:

Different iPhone Models

iPhone (1st Generation):

* The first generation of the iPhone was released in June 29, 2007.

* It features quad-band cellular connectivity with GPRS support for data transfer.

iPhone 3G:

iPhone 3G was released in July 11, 2008.

* The iPhone 3G supports 3G connection, and tri band UMTS/HSDPA. The device can be synchronized with a computer to enable many automatic actions.

iPhone 4:

* iPhone 4 was released on June 24 2010.

* iPhone 4 contains penta-band 3G UMTS.

iPhone 4s:

* iPhone 4s was released in October 14, 2011.

* The user interface of iPhone 4s is based on iOS concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures with interface control elements that consists of sliders, switches and buttons.

iPhone 5:

* iPhone 5 was released in September 21, 2012.

* iPhone 5 has some slight changes from iPhone 4S internal accelerometers that are used by some applications to respond to shake the device or rotating it from portrait to landscape mode.

iPhone 5s:

* iPhone 5s was released in September 20, 2013.

* The iPhone 5s maintains a similar design to the iPhone 5 LCD multi-touch display.

iPhone 5c:

* iPhone 5c was released in September 20, 2013.

* Due to the material design changes both iPhone 5 and 5s are still lighter than iPhone models. 

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus:

* iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus were released in September 19, 2014.

* Both models include Apple A8 system-on-chip and M8 motion co-processor.

iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus:

* iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus was released in September 25, 2015.

* The iPhone 6s features 3D touch sensors which are embedded on the screen's backlight that measure the firmness of the user touches the screen.

iPhone 7:

* It is a rumor that Apple is planning to introduce two new versions of iPhone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

* The iPhone 7 may be with 2GB RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus includes 3GB RAM and could include a different camera system.

Have a Plan to Develop an App for iPhone?

If yes, we are here to help you in successful app development. FuGenX is a global Mobile application development companies in Dallas. We are reliable Android and iPad application development in Austin and developing iPhone and Android apps for all sorts of businesses from startups to global enterprises. Our app development focuses on business oriented mobile apps to help our clients to acquire new customers.

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9 months ago

Tips to Build Error-free Android App

Tips to Build Error-free Android App

To develop a competitive mobile app, we need a help of the Mobile app development company. The competitive and user-friendly app helps to communicate better with customers and sell more. Millions of applications are available in the app stores but, every app is not successful. Apps are made with bundle of features, simple design and low functionality can’t perform better, so it should be core feature focused, with high functionality, and attractive design. 

Here are some tips to develop error-free Android app:

Avoiding excessive features

It is never a good idea adding the bulk of features and makes it complicated. Make sure your app has essential features which do not make your customers confused and they need to find the desired solutions easily. New app developers try to develop an app with as many features. As an experienced iPhone apps development in Austin, we never do that. As per the business requirement, the developers need to include the important features based on customers’ interest. In the smart phone, the app features are increasing but it sometime makes users confused. So always focus on core.

Use of Google Analytics

It is beneficial to use Google Analytics while releasing the app. By adding an Analytics tool you can get the suggestion and take decisions accordingly on user experience, patterns, contents and overall designs of the app. In order to identify elements like app engagement, daily active users, app crashes, and retention rate, you should consider Google Analytics Tool. It will be easier to access all the applications using the Google Analytics tool.

Proper testing

When it comes to app testing, it is very important to test the app in different phases. In the software development, a beta test is the second phase of testing to test the process and identifying all the possible mistakes in an app. Once the developed app is moved to the testing, the testing team needs to test in different phases. This will impact the app downloads as an error free application in the market.

Developing a better app largely depends on the things discussed above. For more info, you can reach a well-versed Mobile apps development companies in Austin or in your preferred city.

Have a Plan to Develop an Error-free Mobile App?

If yes, we are here to help you. We are FuGenX Technologies, the most trusted iPhone and Android apps development in Austin. We are also an emerging iPad apps development in Austin. Connect to FuGenX and get a cost-effective mobile app development services. Let us to shape your app idea and make it as a unique in the market. 

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